BPD Marignan

Encouraging project mode

Previously, the Paris-region head office of BPD Marignan, a property developer, which employs more than 130 people, did not reflect the group’s agility or its new collaborative working methods. The aim was to make the 3,600 m² of workspace, over three floors, a place that encourages interaction and a project-based approach to work.

Before the construction work began, the agency teamed up with the executive committee to raise awareness about the strategic nature of the redevelopment in terms of both the brand image and the organisation of work.

The aim of this new workspace was to give employees the impression of coming to work at home. The architectural style evolves throughout the space, based on three apartment-style concepts: The “show apartment” space houses the management offices and customer-facing areas, while the spacious “eco-design” areas are for employees and the cafeteria.

“ We no longer work in the same way. It’s clear that well-designed workspaces have a strategic impact on a company. ” says Jean-Philippe Bourgade, Chairman of BPD Marignan.

What: Change management, planning, space planning, architectural project design When: 2014

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