Come as you are

McDonald’s has more than 1,300 restaurants in France and serves 1.8 million meals every day. To maintain its leadership in a market where competition has increased and become highly fragmented, and to continue to attract an audience whose lifestyle and consumption habits have changed significantly in recent years, McDonald’s is continually innovating. For the past three years, W has been working with McDonald’s to update the customer experience, with new formats and new designs, as well as in the rollout of its restaurants.

Installing digital terminals in the restaurants has helped to make the customer experience flow more smoothly. Why keep large counters only to take orders? What new role should team members play? How can we rethink customer service, adopt a more service-oriented approach, and ultimately become a fully-fledged restaurant? W has created a new concept for the counter area, where kitchens are open, to emphasise full transparency, and team members are now fully focused on customer service. This major change will enable the brand to offer customers a more welcoming and even more personalised experience!

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